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Pig Mobile photo I have shipped piggers all over the U.S. including HAWAII and all over the world to JAPAN, EUROPE, AFRICA & Alaska. About a year ago, I shipped 5 more to Japan. They love the little size & pug noses of my piggers. One of the Japanese men was a Vet from Tokyo. 4 other Japanese men flew over here just to see my piggers! I took them to other breeders' farms to see other potbelly pigs, but they didn't want theirs - they wanted mine because of the small size & pug noses. I know they will be taken care of, they bought two of them from me two years ago & still have them, but wanted more of my little darlings. We need to do the best for the pigger so they will lead happy, healthy loving lives. If You have problems, call my Emergency Helpline 24 hrs. a day- or if you just want to ask questions, contact me from 8:00am - 9:00pm.

"What a surprise we had last week where literally just around the corner from our house, a neighbor got two little pigs from you. We spent all day talking about our precious babies. I am on my way today to visit Nancy's boys, LB and Harley. I thought I'd send a picture I took from my cell phone( not the best resolution) of Nicholas(white/black a year old next month) and Tucker(bk 1 1/2yrs old) with LB and Harley.

What is so funny, is Nancy has seen our babies but her son hadn't and bought two of them without knowing that you were the same breeder of our babies. The son does not live there and we have not meet him. Nancy and her son had an 850 lb pig named Harley who just past away this past winter. Nancy was terribly sad and missed Harley. I believe he was 22 years old. Her son bought these two babies to cheer up his mother. The husband had no idea and was not happy about the situation, but after seeing our babies and their size, he was relieved that he would not have to experience two 850 lbs pigs again.

We all have smiles on our faces, and love your babies so very much. My children and I wish we could have a farm full of them. Thank you for filling our lives with so much joy."

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